Your Guide to FASD Assessment in Manitoba

The Manitoba FASD Network recently released a new website to help guide people living in Manitoba through the FASD assessment process. The Manitoba FASD Network was established in 2009. It provides diagnostic and short-term follow-up services to people living in Manitoba, with the goal of providing FASD assessment, support, and education closer to home. The […]

New Webinar: Loss, Grief, and FASD

Register now for CanFASD’s newest webinar presentation on Friday July 10, 2020 at 1:00pm EDT. Dr. Dorothy Badry, CanFASD’s Child Welfare Research Lead, will be discussing loss, grief, and resilience in relation to FASD along with members from the CanFASD Family Advisory Committee and the FASD community. Loss and grief seem to go hand in hand in […]

National Accessibility Week and FASD

It’s National Accessibility Week in Canada! Held annually during the first week of June, National Accessibility Week is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of Canadians with disabilities and to recognize those individuals, communities, and workplaces that are actively working to remove barriers to accessibility and inclusion. Everyone has the right to be included in […]

MCCSS remains very committed to improving outcomes for children, youth and families affected by FASD

Great News!! The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) remains very committed to improving outcomes for children, youth and families affected by Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol (PAE) and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). We at Health Nexus are very pleased to share that this Provincial FASD Family and Caregiver Support Group Project will […]

New eLearning courses available for justice and solicitor general professionals!

CanFASD has recently released two new online courses for professionals in the Justice and Solicitor General systems. CanFASD offers a wide range of online courses to improve professional and community understanding of FASD. Their courses are categorized by level of experience, where Level I courses provide a basic overview, Level II courses provide sector-specific training, […]

Alcohol and Pregnancy with Louise Gray

Join the hosts, NOFASD’s Kurt Lewis and FARE’s Clare Ross as they sit down to chat with Louise Gray (Chief Excutive Officer of NOFASD Australia) about the pregnancy, alcohol and FASD. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder or FASD is a condition that only appears in children who have been exposed to alcohol while in the womb. […]

FASD project seeks to diagnose Saskatchewan offenders, support better outcomes

A clinical team at Saskatoon’s Regional Psychiatric Centre is working to diagnose Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in incarcerated people. The pilot project seeks to rehabilitate people with the disorder, connecting them with supports to keep them in the community and out of the criminal justice system. FASD is linked to alcohol exposure in the […]

FASD: Lessons In Processing Speed From The Turtle, Sloth And Snail

“I recently saw the graphic below, of a sloth riding on a turtle’s back, saying “too fast”. I was going to share it on my Facebook page, with a short comment about how we may need to slow down in order to accommodate an individual with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Either in what we say, […]

Colette Philcox, From the Streets to Success

Jeff Noble talked to Colette Philcox – not only an individual on the spectrum, but the daughter of Brian Philcox and Bonnie Buxton – and the inspiration for Bonnie’s book: Damaged Angels. Colette is a mother of two – one on the spectrum, is an advocate and holds down a job in the film industry.  “Colette’s story will inspire hope in individuals and […]

FASD and Youth Housing

If you are finding life to be similar, to us, life has very much became a marathon now. Everyday is an exercise in self-discipline and trying to maintain some sense of routine. We are finding we need to set our alarm to go off every morning to encourage us to get up and start our […]