Inclusion Criteria – FASD Ontario Website

  • All resources must have a date.
  • Resources must have an active manager who is responsible for updating the resource.
  • Information that does not provide hope (i.e., messaging that children/youth with FASD cannot be successful) will not be included.
  • Resources that shame or blame birth mothers will not be included.
  • Resources will use person-first language.
  • All specific information about diagnosis must adhere to the 2016 Canadian Diagnostic Guideline for FASD Across the Lifespan. International information about diagnosis should not be included unless the information is an overview of FASD diagnosis in general.
  • Ideally, resources will highlight the importance and benefits of early diagnosis and support throughout the lifespan.
  • Ideally, resources will refer to FASD as a “whole body disorder” rather than as a “brain disorder” only.
  • Personal stories may not meet this criteria but are included for their important perspectives on FASD.

June 8, 2018