Colloque virtuel SOS TSAF

Langue: b
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: 85 $ - 225 $
Quand: 19 mai 2021 de 8h30 à 17h
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SOS TSAF – Une urgence sociale
Colloque virtuel (bilingue) le 17 septembre 2021 organisé par l’OBNL SafEra
avec la participation financière de l’OPHQ.

Le TSAF est un handicap neurodéveloppemental, souvent invisible, connu à l’international depuis 1975 (ICD-9 : 760.71 F.A.S.) mais tarde à être reconnu au Québec. C’est pourquoi SafEra organise un colloque afin de répondre aux
divers besoins associés au TSAF.

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(en anglais) Save the date: London & Region Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Conference

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: Les inscriptions ouvrent en août
Quand: 27 octobre 2021
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Science, Knowledge, and Experience: A Shared Journey

Join us for a comprehensive day of virtual learning, including:

  • keynote addresses from Canadian field leaders
  • current findings and implications of FASD research
  • strategies for evidence-based treatment
  • interactive knowledge exchange during a choice of breakout educational workshops
  • regional resources, supports, and services for families and individuals with FASD
  • personal accounts of lived experiences

Save the date – Registration opens in August

Événements passés

(en anglais) Learn About How The LCYAC Supports Victims And Witnesses Of Crime

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: Gratuit
Quand: 19 juin 2021 à 10h30
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On Saturday, June 19, starting at 10:30am, the Rural FASD Support Network welcomes Ken Inbar of the Lanark Children and Youth Advocacy Centre from Open Doors Children Mental Health of Lanark County. Ken will be sharing how this rural project from the Department of Justice is changing the way children and youth who are victims or witnesses of crime are being supported in a trauma-informed way and receiving one-stop service.

To participate live in this Q&A presentation through Zoom, please contact us at to receive the link.


(en anglais) Ontario Educational Group for Adults with FASD or Suspected FASD

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: Gratuit
Quand: 16 juin 2021 de 18h30 à 20h00
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This is a group for YOU! We want to hear your ideas about topics that are important and relevant to YOU, someone with FASD or suspected FASD.
Share ideas and topics that are important to you to help plan for the coming year. This group is all about YOU!

Pre- Registration Required

Participate in the discussion at your comfort level, everyone is welcome!

(en anglais) Breathe and Blossom: Mindful Meditation and Yoga Program

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: Gratuit
Quand: Les lundis et mercredis du 3 mai au 7 juin 2021 de 16h30 à 17h15
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Breathe & Blossom is a mindfulness meditation and yoga program designed for individuals ages 12-29 with a Developmental Disability (DD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

Facilitated by trained mindfulness meditation and yoga practitioners, individuals will learn to connect to their mind, body and breath. This program uses innovated modifications to mindfulness meditation and traditional yoga to accommodate individuals of all abilities.

Thanks to the MLSE Foundation’s support, Breathe & Blossom is FREE to participants.

Note: This program will not run on May 24.

(en anglais) An Evening With Shelley Moore

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: Gratuit
Quand: 2 juin 2021 à 18h
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Community Living Hamilton is excited to welcome acclaimed teacher, researcher and inclusive education expert, Shelley Moore, as a special guest speaker at their virtual event on June 2 in celebration of National AccessAbility Week.

Reserve your spot by registering here!

(en anglais) 2nd Annual FASD Conference – A Trauma-Informed Perspective on FASD

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: 10 $ pour les parents/proches aidants et 40 $ pour les professionnels
Quand: 19 mai 2021 de 8h30 à 17h
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Becoming Trauma-Informed: How Understanding Leads to Efficacy and Hope

Dr. McLeod will describe the impact of trauma on the developing brain and present a model for better understanding how neurodevelopment, attachment and regulation are related. Responding to some of the most challenging behaviour in children and youth, and how to best advocate for individuals with FASD will be explored.

Breakout sessions:

  • Confabulation: When Lying Isn’t Lying
    with Nate Sheets
  • Gaining Traction: Professionals and Caregivers Working Together to Improve Outcomes
    with Laurie Whyte
  • Screen Time, Sexting & Safety – Promoting Digital Health and Wellbeing for Children and Families
    with Dr. Michelle Ponti
  • Digging Deeper into Trauma and Regulation
    with Dr. Kristen McLeod
  • Understanding and Managing Sleep for Children with FASD
    with Dr. Ana Hanlon-Dearman
  • Education & Treatment for Individuals who Engage in Concerning Sexual Behaviours
    with Tiffany Charbonneau & Christa Outhwaite-Salmon
  • Medication Algorithm for Individuals with FASD
    with Dr. Mansfield Mela

FREE For Parents and Caregivers on May 18, 2021 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Surviving the Storm: A Caregiver Evening with Dr. McLeod
An intimate session offered to parents and caregivers where Dr. McLeod will cover common topics of self-care, advocacy, building resilience and recognizing one’s own triggers as it relates to supporting individuals with FASD.

(en anglais) Virtual Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) series for caregivers of individuals with FASD

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: Virtuellement via WebEx
Coût: Gratuit
Quand: 31 mars, 7 avril, 14 avril, 21 avril et 19 mai 2021 - 19h - 21h *Vous devez participer à toutes les dates
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A research project evaluating a virtual Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) series for caregivers of individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)

ACT seeks to help individuals to struggle less with difficult things in their lives and mindfully connect with things that are most important in a way that is loving and respectful. With an introduction to the concept of mindfulness, ACT does not attempt to directly change or stop unwanted thoughts or feelings, but to develop a new mindful relationship with those experiences that can free a person up to being open, and to take action consistent with what they care about. This is a research project evaluating the benefits of ACT for caregivers.

About the Virtual Series
The virtual ACT intervention is spread over 4 consecutive Wednesday evenings followed by a refresher evening session, held 4 weeks later.

About the Facilitators
Two facilitators are caregivers of a child with FASD and the other facilitator is a health care professional.

Who Should Attend?
Primary caregivers of individuals with FASD.

Dates & Times
Wednesday March 31, April 7, April 14, April 21 & May 19: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Location: Virtually via WebEx
*You must attend all dates

Want more information?
Articles: &


(en anglais) Ontario Educational Group for Adults with FASD or Suspected FASD

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: Gratuit
Quand: 19 mai 2021 de 18h30 à 20h00
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Learn more about the role of grief and loss and understand how it impacts our journey in understanding ourselves, our relationship with others, and how grief/loss are connected to our developmental stages all throughout our adulthood. Start a journey to heal it and embrace the learnings from it so we can move forward and not feel stuck.

This month’s guest speaker is Karen Moore a registered social worker who is a permanency competent clinician. She works with children, youth and adults who are walking the journey of life working through loss, grief, prenatal exposure to drugs/alcohol, adoption, foster care, trauma, LGBTQ2. Karen is the clinical director at a children/youth mental health centre, and has a private practice providing counselling and training support. Her family was formed through permanency adding 4 children through adoption.

(en anglais) Demystifying FASD and Other Brain-Based Conditions

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: 250$ pour les parents / aidants proches, 300$ pour les professionnels
Quand: Du 12 avril au 17 mai 2021 de 10h à 12h HNE
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Based on the acclaimed work of FASD expert and published author Diane Malbin, this training series back by popular demand!

In This Webinar You Will Learn…

  • About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and other brain based conditions
  • The effects of pre-natal exposure to alcohol and other drugs during pregnancy.
  • Best practices and how to create person-centred accommodations to increase understanding.
  • How to reduce frustration and improve outcomes for children, youth and adults.

Spring 6 Part Webinar Training Open for Registration Now! Spaces are Limited!

For more information contact:


(en anglais) Ontario Social Group for Adults with FASD or Suspected FASD

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: Gratuit
Quand: 19 mai 2021 de 18h30 à 19h30
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Join us to meet others with FASD throughout the province. You will see some old friends and make new friends. During these sessions, we will talk about what matters to you. We will share information and learn something new, all from the comfort of your home. Participate in the discussions at your comfort level, everyone is welcome!

Groupes de soutien du TSAF – Soutien aux applications 2021-22

Langue: Français
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: Gratuit
Quand: 12 mai 2021 de 12h à 13h
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Les demandes de subventions (jusqu’à 4 500 $ par groupe) des groupes de soutien TSAF existants et nouveaux sont acceptées afin d’offrir un forum aux familles et aux proches aidants pour :

  • Se soutenir les uns les autres et partager des informations sur l’Exposition Prénatale à l’Alcool (EPA) et le TSAF
  • Contribuer à l’échange de connaissances à travers la province
  • Partager les bonnes pratiques entre les communautés
  • Soutenir le mentorat des parents / proches aidants
  • Organiser et mobiliser des initiatives TSAF locales afin d’améliorer les résultats pour les personnes ayant un TSAF

Les groupes doivent être basés en Ontario. Le financement n’est pas disponible pour les organisations à but lucratif.

Les but du financement des groupes de soutien aux familles et proches aidants TSAF est de rassembler des personnes qui prennent soin d’un enfant, un adolescent ou un adulte avec un TSAF ou les individus qui ont un TSAF. Les groupes peuvent être animés par des prestataires de services, des bénévoles ou idéalement les deux. Les groupes de soutien TSAF offrent un « lieu de rassemblement », virtuel ou en personne, et une occasion de mentorat, de partage d’information, de soutien émotionnel et d’activités de sensibilisation.

Le dossier de candidature est disponible sur la page des groupes de soutien TSAF. Il contient le formulaire de demande de subvention, les lignes directrices et la FAQ.

Nous organisons un webinaire le 12 mai 2021 de 12h à 13h pendant lequel nous expliquerons l’appel de candidatures et répondrons aux questions. Inscrivez-vous maintenant!

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