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(en anglais) It Takes a Community… a cross sector approach to FASD

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: Nottawasaga Inn Resort, Alliston, Ontario
Coût: $325 pour 2 jours
Quand: 10-11 septembre, 2019

A two-day conference with a number of keynotes and educational sessions.

Keynote speakers include: Myles Himmelreich, Jennifer Saltzman-Benaiah, Robert Solomon and Geraldine Crisci.

Topics for educational sessions include:

  • FASD Educational Strategies and Practices
  • Neuropsychiatric Disorders in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and their Pharmacological Management
  • Community Development: How Simcoe County created and maintains the FASD Community Initiative within the County
  • A Model for Collaborative Training for FASD
  • Women with Substance
  • Responding to Risk Needs: Providing Education and Treatment for Individuals with FASD who engage in Concerning Sexual Behaviours
  • Troubled: Justice and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Téléchargez le dépliant pour vous inscrire ou communiquez avec patty.barnes@mackenziehealth.ca pour plus de renseignements.

(en anglais) Parent Session with Myles Himmelreich

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: Nottawasaga Inn Resort, Alliston, Ontario
Coût: Gratuit
Quand: 10 septembre, 2019; 18:30-20:30

A session for parents and caregivers supporting individuals with FASD. Myles Himmelreich is a well-known motivational speaker, having presented nationally and internationally for many years, sharing his experiences of living with FASD. In his work as a mentor to other youth and adults with FASD, Myles has helped them to understand and accept that we may share similar struggles but also the desire to succeed.

Téléchargez la feuille d’inscription ou communiquez avec patty.barnes@mackenziehealth.ca pour plus de renseignements.


Formation sur le TSAF – Parrainage civique Ottawa

Langue: Français, anglais
Lieu: Ottawa
Coût: Gratuit
Quand: Le 9 septembre 2019, 13-15h
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Une formation sur le Trouble du spectre de l’alcoolisation foetale (TSAF) aura lieu à Ottawa le 9 septembre et est ouvert à tous. Offert par Parrainage civique Ottawa et CHEO.

L’inscription est nécessaire pour cette formation (FASD@citizenadvocacy.org). 613-761-9522, poste 234.


(en anglais) Living Successfully with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: With Myles Himmelreich

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: Grey Bruce Health Unit, Owen Sound
Coût: Gratuit
Quand: Le 9 septembre 2019, 9-15:30h
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Myles Himmelreich is a well known motivational speaker successfully living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). He has done a great deal of work as a consultant to many different agencies, and organizations dealing with: criminal justice systems, teachers, support professionals, paraprofessionals, caregivers, doctors, and most importantly parents and individuals with disabilities themselves. Myles was also a co-lead of a ground-breaking study on the health and physical issues of adults living with FASD. His goal is to bring awareness, acceptance and a true understanding of living with a disability to his audiences.

Email t.luscombe@publichealthgreybruce.on.ca  for more information.



(en anglais) Understanding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder –Strategies for Success

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: Coquitlam, Colombie-Britannique
Coût: $32.00 membres/$42.00 non-membres
Quand: 7 septembre, 9h30 - 14h00
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This presentation contains a general overview of the cause of FASD, its primary and secondary characteristics, and possible advantages of early diagnosis and intervention. The participants will learn the unique challenges and strategies faced by parents and caregivers of children with FASD. It discusses the importance of understanding the social context of FASD, alcohol, and pregnancy, and family dynamics. There will be information on the impact of drugs discussed. Our need as a community to have respect and support for biological parents and individuals dealing with this condition will also be discussed.

(en anglais) Becoming a Behavioural Detective: Understanding and Supporting Complex Behaviour

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: Kanata Recreation Complex, Ottawa, Ontario
Coût: $150 – $175
Quand: 6 septembre, 2019 | 9am–4pm
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This one-day workshop with Kim Barthel will provide an understanding of the integrated neurobiology of sensory processing and emotional/relational problems that result in “challenging behaviour”.

Participants will be invited to forevermore become behavioural detectives, using clinical reasoning, to look deeper than the surface. By seeking to understand why people do the things we do, from a myriad of perspectives, we allow compassion into the equation. This alone changes the brain – but the mindset of clinical curiosity supports treatment strategies at home, at school and in all levels of relationships.

Webinaires sur le site TSAF Ontario

Langue: Français, anglais
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: Gratuit
Quand: 6 et 12 juin, après-midi et soirée

Quatre webinaires sont prévus pour aider les utilisateurs à tirer le meilleur parti du site. Notez que les séances de jour sont destinées aux prestataires de services et les séances du soir aux parents et aux aidants naturels. Les webinaires seront enregistrés.

  • (Français) Le site Web TSAF Ontario – Webinaire pour les intervenants
    Jeudi, 6 juin, 2019  – 13:30-14:30 EDT
  • (Français) Le site Web TSAF Ontario – Webinaire pour les parents et aidants
    Jeudi, 6 juin, 2019  – 19:00-20:00 EDT
  • (Anglais) The FASD Ontario Website – Webinar for Service Providers
    Mercredi, 12 Juin, 2019 – 13:30-14:30 EDT
  • (Anglais) The FASD Ontario Website – Webinar for Parents and Caregivers
    Mercredi, 12 juin, 2019 – 19:00-20:00 EDT


(en anglais) Supper with Jeff Noble

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: One Kids Place, 400 McKeown Avenue, North Bay
Coût: Gratuit. Vous devez vous inscrire avant lundi, le 10 juin, à midi. Communiquez avec Carol à carolt@onekidsplace.ca ou (705) 476-5437 # 3903
Quand: Mercredi, 12 juin 17h30

Photo of Jeff Noble

Jeff Noble is a world-wide leader who delivers relevant, useful and need-to-know information to help and support front-line workers, educators and caregivers (parents/grandparents) of individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).





(en anglais) Caring for the Caregiver

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: Hôpital Toronto Western, 9 East Wing, Group Room B (Room 9E436).
Coût: Gratuit. Le nombre de places est très limité.
Quand: 24 & 25 mai, 19 juin. Les participants doivent être présents à toutes les dates.
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Affiche Caring for the Caregiver

A research project evaluating Acceptance & Commitment Training (ACT) for female caregivers of individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

The ACT intervention is spread over 1 evening followed by a full day and a “refresher” evening session, held 4 weeks later. It is required that you attend all three dates.


FASD and the Criminal Justice System: What can we do?

Langue: Anglais
Lieu: CPRI, Zarfas Hall 600 Sanatorium Road London, ON N6H 3W7
Coût: $55 Early Bird (register before March 22) $65 Standard Rate (register after March 22) $45 Group Rate (2+ participants) $25 Student Rate (must register offline/provide copy of student ID)
Quand: Mercredi, 22 mai, 2019 de 9:00 à 16:00
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